Monday, September 29, 2008



Lately, I want to unwind myself because of busy schedule, pressure and meeting deadlines. I find this site before and played but I'm not consistent in playing so my account somehow vanished in the air. 'hehehe'.

Now, I enjoyed playing the, kill monsters and acquire impressive weapons, durable armor, powerful spells, magnificent shields and pets too. Right now, I'm level 35, a magician type character with deadly spells. I have my armors t0o... I can't display my character because the site is full right now. Sometimes the player reached 8700+ and the site allows only 8000 to free account players.

To create new characters please proceed to this add, and start playing!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cast your Vote nOw!...

After many months of blog absence, I'm back...

I'm going to blog about the coming The Philippine Blog Awards 2, the nominees are listed in their page. There are 48 nominees and we have to find out soon who will dominate and received the award.

For me, I'm voting Batang Yagit, not because we're from the same place but I think the blog deserves to be awarded.

You have to make a blog about who you are voting and fill up this form.

So cast your votes for Batang yagit now!

Greetings to Jehzlau. Galing!