Monday, May 26, 2008

Clixsense: Slowly but Surely you'll earn dollar!

Week ago my officemate introduce me to clixsense, she told me that you'll earn from $0.01 to &5.00 per click in the advertisements for free'whoa dollar ($)'. After I heard what she said I sign u immediately so that I can earn already. To register is very simple, you are not ask with many questions. All they need is your user id password, a paypal account and your complete name.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

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Jose Andre Dimzon here...

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Jose Andre Dimzon

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'Paydotcom want me to post this'...hehehe... click here t0o..

Monday, May 19, 2008

Three Long Weeks...

It's been three long weeks since I first punch my card but it seems I've been working for a year. I remember my first day when I enter in my office, arranged my stuff such as coupon bonds 'long/short', and cleaning my table to ready my computer. and that day also I signed the contract, HR introduced me to my officemates in LDL Realty Estate Corp. and in the RDL Pharmaceutical Laboratory. As a graphic artist I can say that my job is stressful, always in front of the monitor 'STARING without blinking' in the 17" monitor. That's a lot of Radiation. I'm also fortunate because I am connected in the internet, I can surf anytime.

I hope when i age 40 I can still see. hehehe...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

National Transport Strike! Again...

National Transport Strike! Because of the rapid increase of the oils' price, Union of drivers in the country are conducting strike.

I'm fortunate that I have my officemate and we ride in his car to go to work everyday,yes everyday! so no strike can stop us from working...

Thursday, May 8, 2008

CHOKING with Water?...

Yesterday after my AutoCAD class I went to convenience store and bought a bottled water because my throat is experiencing El NiƱo. Then on my way home inside the jeepney, I drunk the water which is in the bottle, when the liquid is flowing in my throat, I cough! and suddenly I'm chasing my breath afterwards. My face turns purple as I can see it in the side mirror because I'm sitting at the front seat beside the pilot. I thought I'm gonna die that time but in my mind flashed what happen in the past, to avoid coughing out loud 'COL'(hahaha)when you are choked with water, you have to stopped breathing for atleast 30sec and slowly breath. That will ease you and you can control the coughing afterwards. I do that everytime I'm in that situation only in water, but with solid food? I don't think I'll work.

This afternoon when I was working. I surfed the net and searched on 'Why we choke with water'. I found many answers but wikianswer give me a concise answer.Now I know why we choke with water.

Waters doesn't really make us choke. We are experiencing that feeling 'as what the site state - discomfort' is when the liquid flows in a wrong path. The correct path of the liquid is always through the throat. What happens is the waters enters in our nasal area and we feel that we're choking.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Learning AutoCAD

Learning AutoCAD is not easy, typing commands, measuring lengths, thickness, elevation, angles. Our lessons are not easy, I cannot catch up the teacher sometimes and leave me hanging in our exercises. Our lesson now is 3D.

I made this one here:


Sunday, May 4, 2008

FIrst Day!

Last April 28, 2008 was my first day at work as a Graphic Artist in a Realty Estate here in Davao City named LDL Realty State Corporation. This establishment operates before but under its' sister company the RDL Pharmaceutical Inc., now because it,s too large to be accommodate by the RDL Pharma, They made their own name, after the proprietress of the company ' I can't tell you the name for security reasons (she's my aunt), a clue: initials LDL'hahaha.


The company is all about Properties such as Land, Building and Houses that's why it's a realty estate..hehehe. The owner of this company has lots and lots of land not only here in Davao City, even Luzon because she's here in Davao many of her property are here too. Those lands were developed and became commercial buildings, apartments, residential, farms and resorts. As what I have known she owned a resort named 'Japanese Tunnel Hotel and restaurant and Emars Resort and Inn (formerly Kanaway restaurant)','Playmate - a badminton/basketball court with zo0','Farm','Many Apartments','Houses in Ladislawa','House in Monteritz',and a lot more (lands,houses and cars).


As a Graphic Artist (soon their draftsman), I am responsible for designing brochure, leaflets, flyers, catalogs and other materials for the promotions. I'll be making tarpaulins for the restaurant,resort,hotel,inn,apartments and all things under the LDL Company. I like this job, i know it tiring but I enjoyed playing brushes in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. Next tym If I'm done with my AutoCAD Classes I'll be designing houses s0on..hehehe 'quasi-architect-coz i'm not an architect'.

NOTE: RDL Pharmaceuticals Inc. is now hiring product label designer/Graphic Artist 'must be an Engineering Graduate'.
(Be sure you can handle pressure because being a product label designer is not an easy task, you can damage machines with a single mistake)hehehe..g0odluck for their new Product Label Designer.

I have no post 3weeks now,hehehe... I'll try to post often. Thanks!