Thursday, May 8, 2008

CHOKING with Water?...

Yesterday after my AutoCAD class I went to convenience store and bought a bottled water because my throat is experiencing El Niño. Then on my way home inside the jeepney, I drunk the water which is in the bottle, when the liquid is flowing in my throat, I cough! and suddenly I'm chasing my breath afterwards. My face turns purple as I can see it in the side mirror because I'm sitting at the front seat beside the pilot. I thought I'm gonna die that time but in my mind flashed what happen in the past, to avoid coughing out loud 'COL'(hahaha)when you are choked with water, you have to stopped breathing for atleast 30sec and slowly breath. That will ease you and you can control the coughing afterwards. I do that everytime I'm in that situation only in water, but with solid food? I don't think I'll work.

This afternoon when I was working. I surfed the net and searched on 'Why we choke with water'. I found many answers but wikianswer give me a concise answer.Now I know why we choke with water.

Waters doesn't really make us choke. We are experiencing that feeling 'as what the site state - discomfort' is when the liquid flows in a wrong path. The correct path of the liquid is always through the throat. What happens is the waters enters in our nasal area and we feel that we're choking.


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