Sunday, May 4, 2008

FIrst Day!

Last April 28, 2008 was my first day at work as a Graphic Artist in a Realty Estate here in Davao City named LDL Realty State Corporation. This establishment operates before but under its' sister company the RDL Pharmaceutical Inc., now because it,s too large to be accommodate by the RDL Pharma, They made their own name, after the proprietress of the company ' I can't tell you the name for security reasons (she's my aunt), a clue: initials LDL'hahaha.


The company is all about Properties such as Land, Building and Houses that's why it's a realty estate..hehehe. The owner of this company has lots and lots of land not only here in Davao City, even Luzon because she's here in Davao many of her property are here too. Those lands were developed and became commercial buildings, apartments, residential, farms and resorts. As what I have known she owned a resort named 'Japanese Tunnel Hotel and restaurant and Emars Resort and Inn (formerly Kanaway restaurant)','Playmate - a badminton/basketball court with zo0','Farm','Many Apartments','Houses in Ladislawa','House in Monteritz',and a lot more (lands,houses and cars).


As a Graphic Artist (soon their draftsman), I am responsible for designing brochure, leaflets, flyers, catalogs and other materials for the promotions. I'll be making tarpaulins for the restaurant,resort,hotel,inn,apartments and all things under the LDL Company. I like this job, i know it tiring but I enjoyed playing brushes in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. Next tym If I'm done with my AutoCAD Classes I'll be designing houses s0on..hehehe 'quasi-architect-coz i'm not an architect'.

NOTE: RDL Pharmaceuticals Inc. is now hiring product label designer/Graphic Artist 'must be an Engineering Graduate'.
(Be sure you can handle pressure because being a product label designer is not an easy task, you can damage machines with a single mistake)hehehe..g0odluck for their new Product Label Designer.

I have no post 3weeks now,hehehe... I'll try to post often. Thanks!

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