Monday, November 24, 2008

Saving Files in the Internet...

Large file sharing makes me sweat, I cannot send files through email to the supplier because yahoo and gmail cannot sent file more than 10MB, and my files reached to 20MB. The product labels I made are in full resolution and in .ai, .psd, and .pdf files. There's an instance I have o share a video in one of the cable network because they're going to air the RDL Commercials, there are 5 videos different file for every product. The Freshmen, Teens Cologne, Whitening Soap, Facial Cleanser and the Astringent. Each video is more than 30MB. Good thing the cable network introduced to me the internet saving and sharing also. The Mediafire.


*click the picture to visit the site.

Mediafire advantage:

* You can upload files upto 100MB per file.
* Unlimited storage for you.
* You can organize your files.
* Unlimited downloads.
* NO need to install softwares.
* No sign up required
* You are allowed to share your files anywhere in the world
* Send the share link and let them download the files from the internet.

Uploading depends on how fast is your internet connections.

I'm using mediafire right now to share files to the supplier or my pictures from my computer. Mediafire is very useful to me when my HD is formated and my designs were erased. I downloaded the designs even though my other files are totally lost, at least I recovered some.

Try mediafire and tell me...

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