Monday, July 5, 2010

EMARS Wavepool Grand Opening

This is my recent newspaper design for EMARS HOTEL's Wavepool Grand Opening.

EMARS Wavepool,Wavepool Opening

See you there!


pinky yamson said...

ve never been their but mah friend and his siblings visited in EMARS yesterday night :) i wish im their lol

pinky yamson said...

is their any fee befre u can go inside?

Joyce said...

We're planning to go to emars this August 22 with my officemates, hope we can timing a promo price with buffet. Nice post!

I've a travel and leisure blog too hope you can visit this site. Thanks!

dRei said...

hi joyce...

Thank you for visiting my site. You can add EMARS wavepool at facebook.

I don't know if there's a promo this kadayawan. All I know that this Aug 20 MAJA SALVADOR dine at EMARS and She's a guest for the foam party at the pool area.

I'll keep you posted for the promo.


Anonymous said...

hi....i wuld like to know:

-wer exactly culd we find dis beach resort???...were not quite familiar abt it..

-how much is d pool fee w/out the dinner buffet & other things dat was mentioned abve????

-do we hve 2 pay 4 our corkage & drinks like coke???

-any other suggestions 4 d proper swimming attire excpt 2pc???..were very shy to wear those sexy outfits..

-what does ur cottage for 12 person look like???..any pictures???

---THANKS :)---

dRei said...

Hello Anonymous:

The EMARS Wavepool is located at Times Beach, Matina Aplaya, Davao City, At the Back of SM Mall Davao.

The Pool Entrance is P200 (adult) & P150 (Child not to exceed 4ft). Infants are free.

For Corkage P200 will be charge. Lechon & Cake has its own corkage.b Bringing of Sodas and other drinks is not allowed. Sodas and other beverages are available at the wavepool. Alcohol is prohibited in the pool area.

Swimming attire should be without button, zipper and not cotton. You may wear beach shorts and for top anything but not cotton.

Cottage pictures are available in EMARS WAVEPOOL FACEBOOK Account.

Just Search "EMARS Wavepool".