Saturday, February 16, 2008

Disk Operating System (DOS) Commands

DOS or Disk Operating System is a system without any graphic interface. Lahat letters lang tapos monochrome lang 'paper white'. DOS is important in installing OS or Operating System in a computer unit. This post can help you in installing OS using the commands, because these commands are vital. You cannot interact with the computer if you don't know the commands in DOS.

These are the commands used in Disk Operating System (DOS) First is the scandisk it is used scanning/fixing the errors in the drive. Type ka nito a:\>scandisk tapos enter mo. It automatically scan the disk and fix its errors afterwards. Second is fdisk it is used to partition the disk. Partition meaning making space in the disk or dividing the disk, you know that a disk is partitioned when there is two drives the c: and d:, partitioning is important to avoid the file in the other drive from the corrupting virus. Type mo ang a:\>fdisk tapos enter ulit. Third is the format is used in erasing the files in the disk. Siguro alam mo na ang erase. Erase ito na lahat ng laman talaga ng disk mo uubusin. Type mo lang ito a:\>format c:/d:. Fourth is cls means clearscreen. When you want a clear screen tpos ang matitira nalng ay ang root directory at ang blinking cursor. You just have to type a:\>cls and your screen will now be cleared. Fifth, ito pa exit gamit to go out of the system. just like this a:\>exit.Sixth, kung gusto mong makita ang laman ng isang drive ito lang itype mo dir display the content of the disk, a:\>dir/w/p. This command is useful when you want to make a folder where you pud the files md to make a folder in the disk. When you want to make a folder in the drive c: which you will be using to put file when you started installing. This is an example c:\>md win98. in copying a file a command copy used to copy the files from one drive to another or from one folder to another. This example is copying a file from a: to c:\win98 a:\>copy . c:\win98. After entering a folder and you want to return to the root directory a command cd\ is used and return to the root directory. This example can help c:\>win98>cd\ (c:\>_). When you don't want a folder and you want to delete it, it's quite hard to do that if you don't know what to type. rd is a DOS command to remove a folder in the drive. The example is deleting a folder win98 in c: c:\>rd win98. To delete a file in DOS del is the command to delete file. Example is deleting party.doc, like this c:\>del party.doc.

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