Sunday, March 9, 2008

Adobe Photoshop Trendy Brushes

I'm searching the net to find a brush for my adobe photoshop cs, I found hundreds of new brushes for my adobe in this site "brush" and downloaded almost all, right now i can make different kinds of design through that brushes. With just one click, you can make trendy and professional looking designs.

I have to make an invitation for my cousin's wedding, so I have to find a good brush that makes my work impressive. I found many but it makes my head hurt because I have so much to choose from. This time hope you agree the "floral" designs are in. My cousin like floral designs too that's why I searched for floral designs in the google and luckily I've got the brush I need.

There are many floral designs like:

Vector Foliage-Plants Photoshop Brushes

Flowery Scribble Photoshop Brushes

Flower Brushes


Photoshop Plant Brushes

This are the most rated brushes in the site, there's a lot more, just visit the a site.

*Click the picture to download the brush.


James said...

OMG, I cannot believe how cool this is. I've been searching for these forEVER. THANK YOU 10,000,000 times over!!

dRei said...

ow...your welcome James...

ChicChic said...

Did you make those designs yourself from those brushes? That is so pretty, especially the last one. I was looking at some designs like that on wedding stationery from, were those by any chance yours?