Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Gift for You

Top gift for the year it's the latest Ipod touch MP3 Player.
More over iPod classic, Apple has a newer and improved “iPod touch” MP3 player with WiFi capabilities meaning you can browse the internet in the wifi zones like coffe shops, restaurants, or in the campuses nationwide,and a touchscreen, no need to find the buttons of the Ipod. The LCD touchscreen has a large 3.5 inch screen 'whoa...' it's large.

The iPod touch has many of the features offered by the iPhone are music/video features' you can watch videos/ paly music', landscape mode'you can choose what makes you comfortable to use the Ipod', dock connector and user interface.
Features 8GB internal flash memory capable of storing 1,750 songs, or 10,000 photos, or up to 10 hours of video. There's a lot more, this Ipod Touch also available in 16GB and 32 GB memory.

A perfect gift for graduation.

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