Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Gift For Me

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It's Christmas again, the clock is ticking really fast!. Last November we started our Kris Kringle in the office, just for fun and to celebrate the essence of Christmas - The Gift Giving. We have to think of our code names so that the person who will receive the gift wouldn't know who it came from. We give our gifts the day after our payday.

This are the gifts I received:

November 15

a 'shirt' LDL Realty - The First gift I received for Christmas. A large sized t-shirt from one of my office mate. I like the gothic design of the shirt and it's color - black. I can't use it because I looked like a shirt hanger when I'm wearing that shirt. I'm planning to give it to my brother but I can find it in my closet. I think I misplaced it somewhere. Thanks Swin! Peace!
*no picture

November 30

This time I joined the other kris kringle in the office at the RDL so I received 2 gifts.

a 'mug' LDL Realty - When I opened the box I know that Its a mug and I like the design too, a white and a black pig with cover and a spoon. Thanks to Ate Amy.


a 'scented candle' RDL Pharma -I received this gift late because the person who'll give haven't bought one yet. The following day I went to our office christmas tree and I found my gift at last, I opened it and saw the scented candle. I don't like candles but because its a gift I have no choice but to accept. I'll just give it to my sister then.

December 15

This is our last exchanging of gift.


a 'hand bag' LDL Realty - I know who's behind the Edward's Girl codename and She knows what I want because almost everyday we're together. Supposedly she'll give me a cap because she thought I don't have a cap but she saw me wearing a cap when we had our office outing. So she bought another gift for me, and definitely its not a cap. This time a hand bag. A Human Brand Hand Bag. I love the hand bag, I'm using it everyday. Thanks My Baby.

piggy bankpiglet

a 'blue piggy bank' RDL Pharma - This gift is huge! It fits in our theme for this exchange gift 'Something Big'. I lift it up and its light I wondered what was it. When I opened the gift I saw the nose of the pig, I like it because I can save now. I'll drop Php10 to save more. Thanks again!

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