Thursday, January 8, 2009

Walt Disney's 'Bedtime Stories'


Yesterday, my cousin jassy invited me to watch movie because we haven't watched movies for quite a long time. We planned to go for a 'Curious Case of Benjamin Button' but It's not showing yet.

Walt Disney's 'Bedtime Stories' is the movie we watched, I never expected that the movie would be that great!. I don' feel any boredom during the show and it fits to all ages. I like how Adam Sandler portrayed the role of Skeeter Bronson. The children were cute and smart. I'm speechless when I went out the movie house I just smiled. I have a mixed feeling when I watch the movie, its not childish or what. It made me realized that we have our own stories and if we believe we'll have a happy ending.


The movie is all about Skeeter Bronson's journey to become the Manager of the Hotel they once owned. ' Nottingham Hotel' formerly Sunny Vista Motel is owned by Bronson Family 25 years ago but because Skeeter's father is not a good businessman Nottingham bought the motel and promised to take good care of it. Nottingham also added that Skeeter will manage the hotel someday. Nottingham made the hotel big and Skeeter is maintaining the hotel as a handy man wishing he'll manage the hotel someday. Adam Shankman

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